Commercial Commissary Kitchen Available 

KITCHEN AVAILABLE 24/7/365. Located in Boca Raton, Florida

Schedule the time that works right for YOUR schedule. Call (561) 394-7466 today.


Welcome to Healthy Food Factory Shared Commercial Kitchen dedicated to small food businesses who are looking for a Fully Licensed Commercial Vegan Kitchen to make their product. Culinary Incubators drive new start-up businesses, who, with a Licensed Commercial Kitchen, can legally produce their food.  In addition to producing food, our Commercial Kitchen can be used to teach cooking classes, host food tastings and demos, and other events.

Call Steve at (561) 394-7466  or Email 

As of 2020 CBD and Hemp Products can be licensed with us.

Healthy Food Factory Commercial Commissary Kitchen Options:

Book time when you need it or book the same shift(s) each week. Low Monthly Plan includes lots of hours. We help you obtain your food licenses for no extra charge.

Commercial Kitchen Commissary in Palm Beach & Broward

According to our research and the Food & Agriculture administration Healthy Food Factory is the only Vegan Incubator in the area. We are committed to helping you with your products whether you are selling retail, wholesale or to Green Markets.

Healthy Food Factory Commercial Kitchen Features:
  1. Ease of access and ample parking, well lit for late-night users 

  2. Rear Access for easy loading and unloading directly into the kitchen

  3. Handicap bathroom with ample room for freshening up and changing into your culinary wardrobe

  4. Storage available for your packaging, food and shipping containers, etc.

  5. Security and WiFi Wireless Internet access 

Healthy Food Factory Commercial Kitchen Essential Equipment:
  • Excalibur Dehydrator

  • Vitamix, Food Processor, Refrigeration

  • Stainless Steel Three-Compartment Sink 

  • Stainless Steel Food Prep Table

  • Mop sink, Cleaning Equipment, Trash Bins and more


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