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Commercial Commissary Kitchen
for ALL Food Trucks
Call Steve at (561) 394-7466 for rates and info.


Welcome to Healthy Food Factory Shared Commercial Kitchen dedicated to small food businesses and Food Trucks / Carts who are looking for a Fully Licensed Commercial Kitchen to make their product or for licensing and permits. For most food truck/cart owners, a shared commercial kitchen is the most viable option. A shared-use kitchen is rented to multiple food trucks, caterers or chefs at once.


We will save you a lot of money. 

We are the BEST licensed commercial kitchen TO KEEP YOUR COSTS DOWN AND YOUR PRODUCTION UP!  


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Healthy Food Factory Commercial Kitchen Features:
  1. Ease of access and ample parking, well lit for late-night users 

  2. Rear Access for easy loading and unloading directly into the kitchen

  3. Handicap bathroom with ample room for freshening up and changing into your culinary wardrobe

  4. Storage available for your packaging, food and shipping containers, etc.

  5. Security and WiFi Wireless Internet access 

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