What People Say About Healthy Food Factory 


Diane Maher, Massage Therapist


“I found Brigitte Lang, President of Healthy Food Factory,  at her Vegan and Raw Potluck and met wonderful people with the same enthusiasm for plant-based foods. One of my most memorable recipes was Brigitte’s Raw Carrot Cake with Vanilla Cashew frosting. (yummy). I have been to every one of Brigitte’s potlucks and had the pleasure of trying all her delightful creations. They are delicious and delightful, and a treat that enables me to have “dessert” while staying on a very healthy lifestyle diet. I have to say, having healthy delicious delights like Healthy Food Factory has enabled me to stay on track. (I had a ferocious “sweet tooth”). I have never been healthier, happier and more full of energy.


Guy Gibson


“I'm impressed every time Brigitte rolls out another scrumptious and fabulous raw dessert or food. It satisfies all my cravings and helps me stay away from the foods that upset my system; gluten, soy, sugar. Most of all I'm able to stay away from animal and dairy products.”


Michael Ricklen


“Having been vegan and macrobiotic for 40 years, I had never considered raw foods. 

After sampling Healthy Food Factory delicacies, I am reconsidering my diet. Her delicious , tasty raw delicacies are a revelation. They are dainty, savory and oh so tasty. I especially love the carrot cake, brownies and macaroons. They are sweet, but not too sweet. 

They are rich which makes their petite size so acceptable. Just a few bites is so unbelievably filling. I feel the raw unprocessed nature of these treats is significant in the realization they are so much more satisfying than conventional processed similar items. I highly recommend them to all seeking quality alternatives to tasteless, nutrition starved processed foods.”


Johana Rock


“When I see a new company in the vegan or raw food business, I do my best to support them because I believe if more people ate raw, vegan and delicious food like Healthy Food Factory, we would be one step closer at changing the world. I wish everyone would try her food; they are whole foods, plant-based, natural ingredients and extremely delcious.”

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