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What People Say About Healthy Food Factory 


Alex Fernandez recommends ​Healthy Food Factory Commissary Kitchen


“Healthy Food Factory is awesome, and will help you and your business get started. They have lots of amenities, and a nice big space to work. They are also expanding the kitchen soon to make it even bigger and better. Everyone who uses the kitchen is very friendly, so there are never any issues with sharing the space. Easy 24 hour access, with your own storage on site, it really is a great place to run your business at a really awesome price too. They will help save you money. Highly recommend the Healthy Food Factory. Thank you"


Guy Gibson recommends ​Healthy Food Factory Commissary Kitchen


I just started and felt right at home. Everyone is extremely nice, the kitchen is clean, and just has an excellent vibe. Thank you, guys!


Tomer Shachar recommends ​Healthy Food Factory Commissary Kitchen


"I'm so happy there is finally a vegan place to make my food. Brigitte is great and gave me all the info I need to get started. They made an impossibly difficult sitatuion so simple and easy, now I can concentrate on making my food to sell at all the farmer's markets! Thank you guys."


Johana Rock


“When I see a new company in the vegan food business, I do my best to support them because I believe if more people ate vegan and delicious food like the chef entrepreneurs make at the Healthy Food Factory, we would be one step closer at changing the world. I wish everyone would make plant-based food at their kitchen and sell it to me and my family."

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