A Vegan Kitchen Commisary for Food Businesses! 

Chefs,  Food truck owners, bakers, and independent personal chef entrepreneurs face a myriad of rules and regulations when operating a food business. One rule or regulation that food business owners may encounter is the requirement to prepare their food in an approved commercial-grade kitchen or commissary. Once you come in to see the kitchen we will help with permits and licensing but also here a few things to be mindful of starting a vegan business.




Love what you do.

There is absolutely no point in starting a vegan business that you will be working at many hours a day if you don’t enjoy it!  You might be getting paid a gazillion dollars a day, but if you hate getting out of bed it’s not worth it.

Celebrate your achievements. Remember to reward yourself. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the stress, and don’t feel like you have to do everything yesterday.

Appeal to Non-Vegans.

We’ve all been here. As non-vegans we’re intrigued by the vegan life, world and passion. Sometimes we get introduced to the “vegan police” who dash any hopes and make it really sound so difficult that we turn around and head the other way.  You have opportunities with your services and products to appeal to a wider audience.  But don’t shove it down their throat, you’ll turn them away.  If we can use our businesses to spread the message in away that doesn’t make people run a mile, we’re doing something right.

There is a growing vegan community that you can market your business to, but there’s an even larger non-vegan one.

Pull Together a Dream Team.

Think about the advantages of bringing in a co-founder, as having someone with complementary skills can be critical to the success of your company. Entrepreneurs often think they can do it all, but specializing in areas where we perform best (with others doing the same) is a great strategy for growing smartly and efficiently. In addition, hire an attorney to form your business entity and partnership agreements; a bookkeeper to set up a financial system; and a social media guru to manage your online marketing.



Start your vegan business small and then expand

Rather than getting everything right 100% before you launch, you would launch and test your product and business before funding more of the same. Check out Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup for more information.

  1. Gelato Bar with delicious dairy-free ice cream.

  2. Vegan Pie Shop.

  3. Nut Cheese Deli.

  4. The vegan version of Krispy Kremes.

  5. Fast service Pizzeria with home delivery options.

  6. A vegan cafe that specialises in avocado toasties and world-class organic coffees with almond milk.

  7. Vegan-friendly bar or nightclub.

  8. Start a food truck specialising in mouth-watering vegan burgers.

  9. Premium organic vegan restaurant with innovative recipes.

  10. Become a vegan alcoholic beverage retailer.

  11. Salad Bar for Vegans. When you think about vegans or vegetarians, you think about salads. ...

  12. Retail Store for Source of Protein. Humans need protein to repair tissues, produce hormones, and build muscles. ...

  13. Pre-planned Vegan Meal Delivery. .

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