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A Downturn in the Market  may be an

EXCELLENT time  to Start a Food Business

The economic dislocations and loss of life caused by the Coronavirus are heartbreaking. No one knows what the ultimate economic impact will be; but it seems nearly everyone believes a global economic reset is upon us. If you are considering starting a business, keep in mind that economic downturns offer startups, especially food startups, advantages. Thankfully, food is a basic necessity that consumers won’t cut out of their budget, and with restaurants struggling and closing, it may be time to rethink opportunities. Many of the clients at the Health Food Factory in Boca Raton, Florida have converted their food service to home delivery or pickup, and are adapting to consumer changes in the marketplace.

Every entrepreneur who has competed in a vibrant market knows that one of the biggest challenges is getting noticed. As the overall industry noise mounts during a boom cycle, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract the attention of investors, potential customers and would-be partners. In contrast, success stories are novel in a down market, which generally results in meaningful exposure for the startups that succeed. The overall decrease in market activity makes it easier for emerging companies to cut through the clutter and flourish.

Salmon live most of their lives swimming with the current; however, once they reach reproductive maturity, they make an arduous journey upstream, often jumping up waterfalls, in order to reach the spawning grounds of their birth. Salmon begin their journey when their biological alarm sounds, regardless of external conditions. This is the mindset would-be entrepreneurs should have when deciding the right time to jump into a startup. If you wait until macroeconomic conditions are ideal, you may find your situation is no longer suited to starting a venture.

In the startup world, there is always an upside to an economic downturn. Adversity translates into opportunity for those willing to swim upstream and not wait until the tide turns. Go ahead and jump in, the water feels great.

This is also a great opportunity for those no longer in the restaurant business, or individuals wanting to branch out on their own. Perhaps you have a favorite recipe, love to cook, Do others love your food?

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Healthy Food Factory is the perfect commissary to make your food products and they help with licensing and permits to get you started. Schedule an appointment with Steve Fier at (561) 394-7466 to view the productive and practical plant-based kitchen and discuss the options.  

Healthy Food Factory also permits Food Trucks. In addition to producing food, the Commercial Kitchen can be used to teach cooking classes, host food tastings and demos, and other events.

Commissary Kitchen 561-394-7466
Commissary Kitchen 561-394-7466
Healthy Food Factory Commercial Commissary Kitchen Options:

Book time when you need it or book the same shift(s) each week. Low flexible Monthly Plans. We help you obtain your food licenses for no extra charge.

Commercial Kitchen Commissary in Palm Beach & Broward

According to our research and the Food & Agriculture administration Healthy Food Factory is the only Vegan Incubator in the area. We are committed to helping you with your products whether you are selling retail, wholesale or to Green Markets.

Healthy Food Factory Commercial Kitchen Features:
  1. Ease of access and ample parking, well lit for late-night users 

  2. Rear Access for easy loading and unloading directly into the kitchen

  3. Handicap bathroom with ample room for freshening up and changing into your culinary wardrobe

  4. Storage available for your packaging, food and shipping containers, etc.

  5. Security and WiFi Wireless Internet access 

Healthy Food Factory Commercial Kitchen Essential Equipment:
  • Excalibur Dehydrator

  • Vitamix, Food Processor, Refrigeration

  • Stainless Steel Three-Compartment Sink 

  • Stainless Steel Food Prep Table

  • Mop sink, Cleaning Equipment, Trash Bins and more


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