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Brigitte Lang, Founder of the Healthy Food Factory, a commercial shared kitchen for vegan entrepreneurs, decided to take her life and health into her own hands. Burdened with immense stress and health issues she took action watching a documentary that explores converting to a vegan diet. The next day Brigitte eliminated all animal products and today thrives on live food energy in the form of mostly un-cooked whole plant foods. Brigitte discovered a new vitality and shared the benefits and pleasures of eating this way with thousands of people she's invited in her home for vegan potlucks, movies and education.

Today she resides in beautiful Royal Palm Beach and is extremely active in the vegan and raw-vegan community all over South Florida. Brigitte lives life to the fullest all from a wheelchair and every day Brigitte is grateful to be alive and happy and works on becoming stronger. She discovered this AMAZING journey of eating clean, detoxing and staying high-vibe to live her best life. 

will tuttle at phillipsIMG_5922.jpg
Brigitte in the center in the wheelchair next to Dr. Will Tuttle and his lovely wife. Will is the author of the World Peace Diet and one of Brigitte's favorite vegan educators.
Brigitte Lang pictured with famous vegan Chef Babette, Vegan Bodybuilder at 72 years old. INSPIRING!!
Brigitte Lang pictured with famous vegan Canadian Blogger Chef Chloe
4 organizers_edited.jpg
Brigitte Lang pictured with a few of the vegan influencers in South Florida
Brigitte was thrilled to meet Dr. Gregor on a vegan cruise recently. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM is a physician and the author of the New York Times bestselling How Not to Die. 
IMG_1373 group.jpg
Brigitte and her friend Brian host Raw Vegan Potlucks in West Palm Beach with amazing food and wonderful like-minded people.
Brigitte making her famous Vegan Caesar Salad dressing! Yumm!
Brigitte's Raw Vegan tribe serving Raw-Vegan Food at the Super Bowl party. 

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This Tropical Oasis is perfect for those who enjoy laid-back, quiet, calm, green living. Great for EMF or chemically sensitive individuals as we have a whole house water filtration system, reverse osmosis drinking water, whole house EMF protectors and is a fully vegan house. We're strict vegans and ask you to respect that and only bring vegan food in the house, but we respect you may have your own journey that doesn't include eating a plant-based diet so feel comfortable to enjoy all the vegan or non-vegan restaurants.


A stay here is also ideal for those who wish to come prior to their 3 week stay at Hippocrates Wellness Center or stay afterwards or for someone relocating and looking for a temporary home while finding a new one PHOTO ABOVE: VIEW OF THE KITCHEN 

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