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Our Story | Healthy Food Factory Commissary Kitchen
Healthy Food Factory is a fully licensed shared kitchen. Our mission is to create a healthier community through nutrition education, social services and economic development programs while helping entrepeneurs start their business.

Our Story


The concept of the Healthy Food Factory began 2013 when Brigitte Lang, Founder of the Happy Herald publication and Healthy Food Factory decided to take her life and health into her own hands by eliminating animal products from her diet.


Brigitte recalls it vividly because that night changed her life and perhaps saved it. Fifty pounds overweight, accompanied with immense stress and health issues she took action, joined Meetup (a social network of like-minded individuals) and RSVP’d to watch the movie “Vegucated,” a documentary that explores the challenges of converting to a vegan diet. 


”The next day she eliminated all animal products and became a Vegan and thrives on live food energy in the form of mostly un-cooked whole plant foods. 


Within the year, Brigitte lost 50 pounds and made more than 50 new friends. She discovered a new vitality and found joy in sharing the benefits and pleasures of eating this way and started making her food commercially after mastering dozens of raw and vegan secret recipes. 


Healthy Food Factory has developed into a fully licensed Commercial Commissary Kitchen helping food owners and entrepreneurs by providing a low-cost shared kitchen so they can build their business without breaking the bank.


For more information call Healthy Food Factory at (561) 394-7466 at the Happy Herald Newspaper headquarters.

Healthy Food Factory
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